Immigrants named RIECKEN
to AMERICA found in the lists of
ELLIS ISLAND, registered between 1892 - 1924


Name of Passenger Residence Arrived Age on Arrival
1. Fredrick A. Riecken 1904 26
2. Heinrich Riecken Vienna, Austria 1907 33
3. Heinrich Riecken 1909 15
4. Henry Riecken Brooklyn 1922 45
5. Johann Riecken 1895 58
6. Margareth Riecken 1911 39
7. Max Riecken 1895 6
8. Meta Riecken Neumuenster, Germ. 1923 24
9. Renita Riecken Uetersen, Germany 1923 19
10. Waldemar Riecken Kiel, Germany 1924 28
11. Bertha Riecken N.York 1892 20
12. Dora Riecken Dayton, Ohio 1914 25
13. Frieda Riecken 1895 10
14. Otto Riecken 1895 22
15. Robert Riecken Eidelstedt 1899 47
16. Walter Riecken Uetersen, Germany 1923 22
17. W. H. Riecken N. Y. C., N. Y. 1906 36
18. Willy Riecken 1895 4
19. Anna Riecken Kiel, Germany 1924 26
20. Dorothea Riecken 1895 44
21. Ella Riecken Prussia 1893 18
22. Frieda Riecken Wankendorf, Germany 1923 31
23. Heinrich Riecken 1924 24
24. Ida Riecken 1895 16
25. Karl Riecken Uetersen, Germany 1923 18
26. Rudolf Riecken 1924 31
27. Willy Riecken Wankendorf, Germany 1923 32
28. Johann Riecken 1895 14
29. Marie Riecken 1895 18
30. Richard Riecken 1910 23
31. Rudolf Riecken Hamburg, Germany 1923 30
32. Wilhelm Riecken Wankendorf, Germany 1924 45
33. William H. Riecken 1910 40


My great-great-grandfather Johann Hinrich Riecken oo Margaretha Magdalena Christina Haak had five boys and one girl.

Johann Hinrich Christian
Carl Albrecht Jüegen Theodor
Hans Andreas Theodor
Carl Christian Nicolaus
Antoinette Caroline Dorothea
Hans Friedrich August


Antoinette Caroline Dorothea Riecken
born January 17, 1844 in Stolpe
married February 25, 1876 the miller Matthias Ludwig Helmuth Kähler,
was killed in Damsdorf/Germany, county Ploen March 09, 1877 with her husband.
The only son Burkhard Johannes Max Kähler, born October 28, 1876 was alive.


Hans Andreas Theodor, born September 26, 1840 in Stolpe. He was a miller. He married
March 04, 1870 Dorothea Theden, born July 17, 1850 at Wankendorf,
died in Stolpe April 1, 1886.
Both had 8 children

Name born place died place
Ottilie July 09, 1870 Stolpe August 11, 1963 Saskatchewan
Anna Elisabeth Henriette September 29, 1871 Stolpe January 14, 1872 Stolpe
Otto December 16, 1872 Stolpe March 7, 1942 Saskatchewan
Ella February 13, 1875 Stolpe April 4, 1963 Elkhorn/Nebr.
Marie March 31, 1877 Stolpe January 22, 1933 Millard
Ida January 10, 1879 Wankendorf July 13, 1963 Elkhorn
John February 19, 1881 Wankendorf March 11, 1965 Nanaimo
Frieda November 1, 1884 Flensburg March 22, 1971 Girvin

In 1893 ELLA, born 1875, came to America and arrived in Ellis Island Febr. 27. 1893
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Emigrants 1890-1894

Ella Riecken, 18 Jahre, ledig, aus Stolpa (richtig: Stolpe) in Holstein

Zielort: New York

Passagiernummer 02.0163

Passagennummer: A1893.0035

Abfahrtstag: 16.02.93

Schiffsziel: New York

Unterbringung: Kajüte

Schiffsname: Augusta Victoria

Schiffstyp: Dampfschiff

Gesellschaft: Hamburg-Amerikanische Packetfahrt-Actien-Gesellschaft

Flagge: Deutschland

Kapitän: Barends


OTTILIE, born 1870, came to Elkhorn/Nebraska in 1887. She got the money for the fare from her uncle.


At first left Carl Christian Nicolaus Germany in 1868.
He was born December 26, 1842 in Stolpe and died March 14, 1932 in Nebraska.

His permission for migrating you can find in the Schleswig-Holstein Archive under
LAS 309-16895.2 in 1868
Riecken, Carl Christian Nicolaus, Weinküfer aus Stolpe, * 26.12.1842 ebenda.
Will Ende April abreisen.

LAS 309-33109:
Dethlefsen, Heinrich Carl Ludwig, Maurer, * 1841 Kiel,
will zu seinem Freund nach Nebraka, dem Farmer Nicolaus Riecken aus dem Gut Depenau. Bewilligung 26.4.1869

In Omaha he married December 12, 1868
Kathrine Tietgen, born Ruhwinkel/Schleswig-Holstein June 26, 1845, died February 13, 1919 in Nebraska

Their children:

Name born place died place
Edward November 8, 1868 Omaha March 18, 1937 Girvin
Julius December 13, 1871 Elkhorn June 6, 1958 Elkhorn
Harry January 17, 1874 Elkhorn December 9, 1940
William August 28, 1877 Elkhorn July 3, 1958
Anna April 22, 1879 Elkhorn November 21, 1951
Lena November 26, 1881 Elkhorn September 11, 1930


JUNE 1901 BOOK 9

Eddie Riecken to Frieda Riecken on 4 June.

1880 United States Census

Source Information:
Census Place Chicago, Douglas, Nebraska
Family History Library Film 1254748
NA Film Number T9-0748
Page Number 418D


Name Relation MaritalStatus Gender Race Age Birthplace Occupation Father's Birthplace Mother's Birthplace
Catherine RIECKEN Wife M Female W 34 HOLSTEIN Keeping House HOLSTEIN HOLSTEIN

Business Directory and farmer list for 1890 - 1891:
Riecken N, Elkhorn

view Nebraska ROOTSWEB


It was in the spring of 1947 when Leroy Riecken bought eighty acres of bottomland near Wann for $100 an acre. With a team of horses and a 1036 John Deere tractor, we started farming. Our house was a two-room cabin and needed a lot of work. My husband, Leroy, was born near Elkhorn to Julius Riecken and Ella Riecken in 1911. Julius Rieken, the son of Nickolaus and Kathrine Rieken, was born in 1871. They traveled up the Iowa side of the Missouri River and crossed where Dodge Street, Omaha is now. Ella Rieken was born in Germany in 1875. She traveled to America alone as a young girl. She married Julius Rieken in 1895. They raised three children.

I (Laura) Riecken was born near Elkhorn in 1913. My father, Fred Paasch, also came to America from Germany. My mother, Anna Villwok Paasch, was born on a farm southeast of Elkhorn in 1886. This farm is still in the family. They raised nine children. Their home was destroyed by the tornado of 1913, six months before I was born.

Leroy and I were married in 1936 and lived in Douglas County, until we bought our farm near Wann. Our son, Mervin, was born in 1938, our daughter in 1945, and our son, Harlan, in 1950.

Besides farming, we had a herd of dairy cows and milked by hand. In 1958, we got our first milking machine. It was a common sight to see farmers helping each other with the threshing or putting up hay. In 1952, our youngest son, Harlan, was taken seriously ill with meningitis, and in 1953, my husband, Leroy, was hospitalized for several months. How thankful we were for our neighbors! They all pitched in and helped with the crops and farm work.

For recreation we enjoyed playing cards with the neighbors. Hunting was always a popular sport for our family. Now we enjoy softball and baseball games, as most of the children and grandchildren play. I have always enjoyed gardening and canning.

We quit farming in 1973 but still live on the place. Our sons are farming the land. Submitted by Mrs. Leroy Riecken


His brother Hans Friedrich August followed him in 1880.

Business Directory and farmer list for 1890 - 1891:
Riecken Aug, Elkhorn

Business Directory and farmer list for 1890 - 1891
Rieken August, genl msde


In 1895 Johann Hinrich Christian followed with seven childeren, all of the wife´s first and second marriage.
oo March 23, 1888 Wankendorf Dorothea Elisabeth Theden
HER children:

Name born place died place
Otto December 16, 1872 Stolpe March 7, 1942 Saskatchewan
Marie March 31, 1877 Stolpe January 22, 1933 Millard
Ida January 10, 1879 Wankendorf July 13, 1963 Elkhorn
John February 19, 1881 Wankendorf March 11, 1965 Nanaimo
Frieda November 1, 1884 Flensburg March 22, 1971 Girvin
THEIR children:

Max July 30, 1888 Stolpe June 22, 1964 Girvin
William February 27, 1891 Stolpe May 24, 1925 Girvin

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Johann Friedrich Riecken, born February 3, 1823 in Stolpe
ooI Johanna Dorothea Simon, they lived in Altona
their children:

Robert * 1852 Altona + November 9, 1928 Dayton/Ohio
Richard * 1856 Altona + January 29, 1922 Altona
Regine * 1860 Altona + October 8, 1930 Davenport

ooII Margarethe Elisabeth Fredericia Lauenstein

children of the second marriage:

Hermann * March 10, 1862 Altona + May 13, 1924 Altona

First Name: Robert
Last Name: Riecken
Ethnicity: Citizen
Last Place of Residence: Eidelstedt
Date of Arrival: October 06, 1899
Age at Arrival: 47y Gender: M Marital Status: M
Ship of Travel: Pennsylvania
Port of Departure: Hamburg
Manifest Line Number: 0013
Beruf: builder
Kann lesen und schreiben
Letzter Wohnort Eidelstedt
Ankunftsort USA New York
Endgültiges Reiseziel in den vereinigten Staaten: New York
Besitzt ein Billet zum endgültigen Reiseziel
Sind Sie im Besitz von Geld, wenn ja, ob mehr als 30 $ wie viel, ob $ 30 oder weniger?: of


Robert Riecken, born in 1852, went to America in 1899, + 1928
oo Sidonie Pauline Alma Wange, + June 12, 1930 Dayton/Ohio

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Richard Reinhold *~1885 Eidelstedt + 1959 Dayton
Dora, married de Vries ? ? + 1960 Jones/Oklahoma
Frieda Margaretha, married Hancock ? ? ? Dayton
Johanna Elise, married Lindner ? ? ? Indianapolis/Indiana
Elsa, married Dunlap ? ? ? Georgia

Perhaps Dora Riecken travelled in the time before World War I to Germany.
In the ship-list (above) you can read she came back on the ship NOORDAM from Rotterdam and arrived New York October 2, 1914.
In the original ship list she was born in Grand Rapids, Mich. January 9, 1889.

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Regina Riecken, born 1860, went to America in 1923

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Associated Passenger Regina Tetens
Date of Arrival February 13, 1923
Port of Departure Hamburg
Ship Hansa
Line # 003
She left Germany from Hamburg in the age of 66 years


In 1873 died Claus Hinrich Riecken, born 1784.
He married in 1814 Magdalena Dorothea Riecken, * 1792, + 1826
Later he married again, in 1826 Anna Charlotte Henriette Helmers
Children of the first marriage:
NAME born place other things
Dorothea July 04, 1815 Stolpe married Hans Lütjohann, Ochsenkoppel
Magdalena February 27, 1818 Stolpe
Jürgen Christian September 12, 1820 Stolpe Worker in Stolpe + 1892, oo 1860 Christina Magdalena Schröder
Johann August Friedrich March 21, 1823 Stolpe was some time in Copenhagen, no more informations
Maria Magdalena Catharina December 28, 1825 Stolpe married Heinrich Rethwisch in Hohn

Children of the second marriage:

NAME born place other things
Anna Sophia Friedericke September 11, 1827 Stolpe went to Indiana, USA, with Claus Linnau
Hans Hinrich Friedrich May 11, 1833 Stolpe went 1854 to Indiana, USA,
Asmus Christian Friedrich November 28, 1835 Stolpe went to Indiana, USA,in 1854
Magdalena Catharina Dorothea August 8, 1838 Stolpe married Chr. Sienknecht, Elsdorf near Rendsburg
Christiane Margarethe Dorothea July 16, 1841 Stolpe went to Indiana, USA, with August Starken


Magdalena Riecken, * February 27, 1818, oo Stahlmann, USA, two children


Anna Sophia Friederike Riecken, * September 11,1827 in Stolpe, oo Claus Linnau, Indiana, no children

Steamship "Allemainia",from Hamburg to New York left Hamburg October 13, 1869 with
Claus Lienau from Stolpe, 48 years old, worker
his wife Anna, 42 years old
daughter Emma, 3 years old

Hans Hinrich Friedrich Riecken, * May 11, 1833 in Stolpe, came in 1852 to America, Henry F. Riecken+ November 03, 1901 In Black Township, Indiana, immigrated 1852
oo (1) in Posey County, Indiana, August 16, 1860 Magdalena Thielemann, + 1884, 10 children
oo (2) in Posey County, Indiana, September 03, 1884 Elizabeth Gebhardt,+ June 20, 1938, 6 children,


NAME born place died other things
Charles F. October 1, 1862 Marrs Township, Posey County, Indiana November 4, 1938 Butler County, Missouri
Anna January 6, 1871 Indiana
Louis A. December 1873 married M. Schissler, Vanderburgh County, Indiana
August March 26, 1877 January 6, 1901 married Fanny Isham in 1900
Phillip May 18, 1875 Hamburg 1951 perhaps her son,
Fred 1885 Indiana married 1912 Minnie Catherine Deppenmire
Herman John November 6, 1889 Indiana 1969 Indiana, married in 1910 Nancy L. Works
William Emil January 23, 1892 Indiana

Asmus Christian Friedrich Riecken, * November 28, 1835 in Stolpe, came in 1854 to America, + October 18, 1919 Mt Vernon, Indiana
oo March 12, 1867 Katherine Gebhardt, Indiana, 6 children


Charles, FEB. 07, 1868 Mount Vernon, Posey, Indiana, died NOV. 19, 1910
Elizabeth, about MAR 1870 Mount Vernon, Posey, Indiana
Louisa, about 1871 , Posey, Indiana
Christian, FEB 1877 , Posey, Indiana
Oscar, DEC 1888 , Posey, Indiana

Indiana Soldiers 91st Regiment Civil War Notes

This is a list of soldiers that have been input to the database that haven't been added to the Regiments yet.

Asmus Christian Frederick Riecken

Service: Civil War, Pvt. Co. A, 91st Indiana Infantry. Asmus mustered in at West Franklin, Vanderburgh County on August 10, 1862. He mustered out June 26, 1865. Asmus was born in Schleswig-Holstein, Germany, in 1835. As a young man, he emigrated to Indiana, settling in western Black Township, Posey County. He married Katherina Gebhardt in Posey County on March 12, 1867. Asmus was a farmer and "life-long member" of Trinity Evangelical church. He filed military pension application 277,186, and Katherine filed widow's application 1,148,249. Asmus died in Mt. Vernon on October 18, 1919. "Kate" was born in Bavaria in 1845 and died in 1935. Their children included Charles, Elizabeth H., Oscar, John, Christian L., and Louisa. Asmus and Katherina were buried at Bellefontaine Cemetery, Mt. Vernon.

Source for this information is Steve Lucas at email address


Christiane Margarethe Dorothea Riecken, *July, 16, 1841, oo Starken, she/they came to America, Indiana

1880 United States Census Household Recor

d Source Information:
Census Place Black, Posey, Indiana
Family History Library Film 1254305
NA Film Number T9-0305
Page Number 72A

Name Relation Marital Status Gender Race Age Birthplace Occupation Father's Birthplace Mother's Birthplace
August STARKIN Self M Male W 43 PRUS Farmer PRUS PRUS
Margaret STARKIN Wife M Female W 38 PRUS Farmer PRUS PRUS
John STARKIN Son S Male W 17 PRUS Farmer PRUS PRUS
Henry STARKIN Son S Male W 13 IN Farmer PRUS PRUS
Dona STARKIN Dau S Female W 13 IN Farmer PRUS PRUS
Lena STARKIN Dau S Female W 11 IN Farmer PRUS PRUS
Audull STARKIN Dau S Female W 5 IN Farmer PRUS PRUS
Caroline STARKIN Dau S Female W 2 IN Farmer PRUS PRUS

Herr Paul Emmick mit der E-Mailadresse:
hat folgende Anfrage gestellt:
My Grandfather name was John Edward Starken born on Sept 3,1862 in Schieswig-Holstein. He arrived in NY on Nov 22,1866. He lived in Mt Vernon IN untill his passing in Jan 1965. I have no information on his Mother or Dad (August Starken)can you help me.



Aug. 25 2002 I got a message of

Charles J.H. Riecken.
He was born in Hamburg Germany Jan. 29th 1871.
Are there further infomations? wrote:

Riecken, Charles View Image Online

Age: 48 Year:1920
Birthplace: Hamburg; Deutschland Roll: T625_339
Race: White Page: 5B
State: Illinois ED: 1641
County: Cook Image: 743
Township: Chicago

12th Sept.2002
I also found more of your RIECKENS
in the 1916 to 1950 Illinois State Death Index
they are

Charles J . Died Sept, 01 . 1946
Ida RIECKEN Died April 26, 1944
Charles Elmer RIECKEN Feb, 19 , 1949 at the age of 42 yrs.
Martha RIECKEN Oct, 30, 1940.
ALL Died in Cook, county, Illinois. Probably Chicago.
There were 2 more in White County,
Fred C.RIECKEN Died, April , 22, 1943
Minnie .C RIECKEN Died Oct, 08. 1939.


August 26 2002 wrote:
I believe that my Riecken roots are from Preetz, near Kiel. My great grandfather left between 1857 and 1860. He sailed along the African coast on a merchant ship before he came to the states. He was named Heinrich, or possibly Henrich Willhem. I do not know much more than that

----- Original Message -----
From: "PauseliusPreetz"
Subject: Heinrich Riecken Preetz
Dear Mr Riecken,
I am the head of the Preetz town archives. I got your e-mail on Monday 17th February 2003.
In the census of 1860 I found the name "Wilhelm Riecken" without Heinrich. His age was 21, he was born in St. Thomas in the West Indies, his profession was engineer, he was a member of the protestant church and lived in house number 394 in the street named "Kronsburg" as lodger of Mr Först.
There are no hints about his immigration or emigration in other files. So it could be, that he has left Preetz after 1860 and went to the States. Because of the fact, that Preetz has become a town in 1871, there are no files to be found in my archive before this special year. All files before 1871 only can be found in the archive of the Preetz convent. If you want to ask there for your ancestor, you have to write to
An das Adelige Kloster Preetz
Klosterhof 9
24211 Preetz
I am sorry that I couldn´t help you any further, but I do not know, if this Wilhelm Riecken is your ancestor.
Yours truly
P. Pauselius


Charles Riecken
wrote June 22, 2003

I just started looking tonight but the name Henry Riecken that came over on 1922 and resided in Brooklyn I'm not sure if it is him but the might be my grandfather my father was born in Brooklyn in 1928 I would have to ask my father his name though but it sounds like it would be him how do I find out more if it is him like who his parents are and brothers sisters and so on.
oh my father has one sister her name is Helen unfortunly I don't know my grand mothers name off hand
write back if you have any info on this
thank you
Charles Riecken


Immigrants named RIECKEN to AMERICA found in the lists of ELLIS ISLAND, registered between 1892 - 1924 (

Renita Riecken from Uetersen, Germany to USA in 1923, 19 years old
Walter Riecken, from Uetersen, Germany to USA in 1923 22 years old, more infos look below
Karl Riecken , from Uetersen, Germany to USA in 1923 18 years old
Are There more informations of Renita and Karl?

Infos von:
Becky A. Bartley (More Info) 459 Bob Taylor Rd Hartsfield, GA 31756 (229) 941 -
Ralph Reimers aus Marietta, Georgia, USA

Wilhelm Riecken
oo Martha Trotzke Riecken
Walter Ferdinand Riecken, * 27. Juli1901, aus Uetresen in Schleswig-Holstein, wanderte aus in die USA
Birth Date: 27 Jul 1901
Death Date: Jul 1981
Social Security Number: 393-05-8227
State or Territory Where Number Was Issued: Wisconsin
Death Residence Localities
ZIP Code: 33701
Localities: Saint Petersburg, Pinellas, Florida
St Petersburg, Pinellas, Florida
Death Benefit Localities
Zip Code: 33709
Localities: Kenneth City, Pinellas, Florida
Saint Petersburg, Pinellas, Florida
oo Wilhelmina Sophia Elsa Scheffler
Walter - Walter and Willa moved about alot, I know they lived in Horicon, Wisconsin for a time. They ended up in Florida where they both died.
Willa:Birth Date: 26 Mar 1908
Death Date: May 1976
Social Security Number: 262-48-8665
State or Territory Where Number Was Issued: Florida
Death Residence Localities ZIP Code: 33540 Localities: Zephyrhills, Pasco, Florida
Richard Walter, Birth Date: 4 Apr 1926
Death Date: 31 Oct 1998
Social Security Number: 479-20-6264
State or Territory Where Number Was Issued: Iowa
Death Residence Localities
ZIP Code: 34695
Localities: Safety Harbor, Pinellas, Florida
Robert Riecken 12051 Helena CtLeesburg, FL 34788 (352) 742 - 1630
Tochter Becky A Bartley fragt an - zu erreichen unter:
Becky A. Bartley (More Info) 459 Bob Taylor Rd Hartsfield, GA 31756 (229) 941 - 2280