4 generations in Saskatchewan in 1967:
Frieda Riecken,
Leona Mason,
Lenora Schoenroth,
Lorna Schoenroth

It is nearly thirty years since I first asked my mother for the names of her grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins and their spouses. It is approximately fifteen years since I began recording information and reprinting the old photographs. Four years ago, I decided to collect photographs of my mother's generation and information for each family.

This book covers ten generations of Rieckens, but it deals primarily with the last seven generations beginning with Johann Riecken who was born in Germany in 1800. It contains the names of 621 of his descendants, including adopted children and some of the children who died in infancy. The first few pages give information on the Theden and Tietgen families of Germany because four sons of Johann Riecken married three women from these two families. The fifth son, August Riecken, did not marry.

-Nickolaus Riecken married Kathrine Tietgen in Nebraska in 1868. Five of their family remained in Nebraska and one moved to Saskatchewan.

-Albrecht Riecken married Anna Theden in Germany in 1870. The five members of their family remained in Germany.

-Andreas Riecken married Dorothea Theden in Germany in 1870. Their family of seven migrated to Nebraska and four moved to Saskatchewan.

-Heinrich Riecken married Dorothea, the widow of Andreas, in Germany in 1888. Heinrich and Dorothea Riecken and their two sons migrated to Nebraska and they later moved to Saskatchewan.

Compiling this history of our families has given me much satisfaction. Collecting pictures which span a century has been especially rewarding for me. I have also enjoyed the contact with so many of my relatives and would like to thank every one who kindly contributed the pictures and information that made this book possible.

Lenora Schoenroth,

London, Ontario, April 9, 1981.