Many people contributed names, dates, and pictures for this book and some deserve special mention:

Klaus Riecken of Germany provided names and information on three generations leading to Johann Riecken, born in Germany in 1800, and for those of his descendants who remained in Germany. Klaus also provided information on four generations leading to Christian and Dorothea Theden, and on two generations leading to Klaus and Catharina Tietgen.

Alice Reber Hill of Saskatchewan contributed the information that she received from her mother, Ottilie Riecken Reber, concerning ancestors in Germany and her pioneering days in the United States and Canada.

Lorena Riecken Holling of Nebraska visited cemeteries to obtain dates and she also cont9cted other Nebraska families in order to gather additional information. Chet Riecken of Saskatchewan provided the old receipts signed by the Riecken men between 1895 and 1902.

More than half of the pictures and photographs reprinted in this book come from the collections of my grandmother, Frieda Riecken, and my mother, Leona Riecken Mason. These include the photos of the Thedens, Johann Riecken, Andreas and Heinrich Riecken and Max Kähler. Klaus Riecken of Germany provided the pictures of Albrecht Riecken and his descendants in Germany.

Earl Riecken of Nebraska provided the photograph of Nickolaus and Kathrine Riecken and their family in Nebraska around 1883.

Anna Riecken Richardson of Saskatchewan provided the photograph of Dorothea Riecken and her family in Germany around 1886.

John and Fred Kummerfeld of Wyoming provided the picture of the Kummerfeld family in Germany in 1912.

Lorena Holling of Nebraska provided the picture of August Riecken.

Alice Hill of Saskatchewan provided the 1890 photo of Ella Riecken.

Approximately 30 additional families loaned pictures for reprinting.